Karen Moore

Filmmaker | Poet | Spoken Word Musical Theater Producer | World Civility Ambassador | International Speaker

Karen rebranded her company Karen Moore Enterprises as The Colour of Beautiful Media and Entertainment Group, LLC. In 2019 I AM The Colour of Beautiful Global Movement was instituted as I a movement designed to redefine the standard of beauty for black women. 

In support of that mission she has produced a short film Who Told You Your Black Is NotBeautiful? The tagline is somebody lied. It is a glimpse into the origin of colorism and how it has affected black women in our lives in our communities and in our country. This project's focus is on education, inspiration and transformation. Education on the origins of colorism and hurt and trauma it has inflicted on the lives of black women in their families communities and country.

Inspiring women to open up and talk about their experiences and begin the healing process and lead to transformation so that women across the globe can walk away saying I Am The Colour of Beautiful.

Connect, Engage, and Transform

If you would like to book a screening of the film, book the theater production Poetik Blues: A Sistah's Story, or have any questions about The Colour of Beautiful Media & Entertainment Grou, please fill out the contact form below and we'll get in touch as soon as possible.